captainchakotay (captainchakotay) wrote,

Stardate 61170.46, Delta Quadrant.

Captain's Log, Stardate 61170.46

Crewman Celes and I have been planetside on the Fen Domar homeworld for nearly two standard weeks. While the Crewman is an...interesting...companion, I'm impatient to make some progress on our actual rescue plan, and preferably sooner rather than later.

::hovers thumb over padd, debating::

::rocks back on heels, transferring eyes to celes_tal::

::sighs, returning attention to task::

I won't deny that it may have been reckless bringing someone with as poor a proficiency record as Celes along for such a critical, even inherently life-threatening, mission. Still, one of the things I most desired as a Cadet and later an inexperienced lower decks officer was simple compassion.The fact that a member of my crew has spent more than thirteen years without 'blooming' is troubling on more than one level. Maybe this time on a one to one basis can be used to rectify the situation, or at least touch upon the reasons behind her difficulties...
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