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Captain's Log...

We've exited the latest void. As per tradition, there's nothing exciting to report about the interim journey...beyond one event. The entire Paris family, including Mister Kim, recently returned to Voyager safely, albeit unexpectedly.

There was one surprise addition to the crew roster in their company...quarter-Ocampan, three-quarters human six month old Renara Paris. While understandably sullen to have found herself transplanted to a new home, the young lady seems to be physically healthy and, despite early burgeoning mental abilities, increasingly stable emotionally.

Doctor Paris has some startling information about their time in the 22nd century and a so called Expanse that explains Renara's allowed existence...however, she has not been forthcoming in explaining other, rather unique aspects of her daughter's medical charts, even going so far as to claim medical confidentiality.

I may yet go with the EMH's suggestion and call upon Lieutenant Commander Paris for answers. They had better be good.

End Log.
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